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Luxury yacht charter on the River Thames

Henley is famous for its annual regattas and music festivals. The thoroughly English market town provides excellent shops and restaurants and is the perfect departure point for a voyage of discovery to unlock the secrets of the Thames. The Thames is a metaphor for the region through which the historic river flows. Whether it’s historic royal residences such as Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace or fantastic theme parks, the Thames has a lot of attractions for the whole family. 

The County of Oxfordshire, together with Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, provided the backdrop for the world-fa-mous detective series “Midsomer Mur-ders” featuring the fictional Inspector Barnaby. If you are sitting in one of the quintessentially English pubs in which scenes from the series were shot, sipping on a whisky, you will feel as if you are Barnaby… Many picturesque Midsomer locations await your visit during your Linssen cruise on the Thames. 

Between the historic towns, the picturesque course of the river – which was the source of inspiration for the novels “The Wind in the Willows” and ”Three Men in a Boat” – provides the perfect opportunity to switch off and relax. The famous towns and villages on the Thames – Henley, Sonning, Wallingford, Bray, Marlow and Windsor – hold out the promise of culinary delights in their riverside restaurants. 

You can charter a Linssen on the River Thames and embark on a “culinary cruise”. Sail from town to town and eat in world-famous, top Michelin star restaurants. On a Linssen boating holiday, you feel as if you’re living a week or more in luxury. A one-week trip will take you either to Runnymede and back downstream or to Oxford and back up-stream. To hire a Linssen from Hobbs of Henley, you do not need to have completed an official training course or have a pleas-ure craft driving licence, but boating experience is essential.

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