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Am Kronenberg 16Linssen 40 9 AC Asgard in Fahrt vorne Backbord klein
17209 Buchholz am Müritzsee

Büro und postalische Adresse:
Eckenbertstraße 34
67549 Worms
Tel: +49 151 6471 9060
Tel: +49 6241 30686

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Yacht charter on the Müritz, in Berlin and Mecklenburg-Brandenburg Lake District 

The cruising area in North East Germany contains the Müritz National Park, the Brandenburg and Mecklenburg Lake District and Berlin. Here, you can explore a total of 2,700 km of navigable waterways, with over 1,000 lakes. It is the largest continuous water sports area in central Europe. The lakes and canals provide you with a never-ending variety of routes and you don’t need a license to cruise on most of them. 

Or you can navigate rivers and lakes to Berlin, Potsdam, Schwerin or Stettin. There’s a fascinating diversity of towns and cities, picturesque lakes and bays, rivers and canals. You’re certain to find something that appeals to you.

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