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Schloss Decin Tetschen - Prague

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Cruise with your Linssen yacht over the Vltava River

First of all, discover beautiful Prague. You travel upstream under the Charles Bridge, built by the German Emperor and Bohemian King Charles IV, and enjoy the view of Prague Castle (Hradčany) with the Lesser Town (Malá Straná) on the starboard side and the Old Town and the many excursion boats on the port side. In a leisurely 2-day trip, you will sail through impressive natural surroundings to the dam in Slapy (unfortunately not yet passable by luxury yacht). On the way back, you will spend the night in peace on your boat in the brand new marina in Davle before returning to Prague the next day. After another day in Prague, e.g. with a city tour, you sail downriver through varied landscapes and past interesting places to Melnik at the mouth of the Vltava into the Elbe. A cosy and entertaining three-day tour.

Cruise over the Elbe - Labe

Upstream on the Elbe you can navigate approx. 110 km of navigable river from Melnik to Přelouč- Hrčáky, downstream on the Elbe approx. 65 river kilometres to Střekov. The locks are on average 1 hour‘s drive apart from each other, and you should allow around ½ hour for each lock, although it is still advisable to book by telephone. With various stops and visits to sights in this region steeped in history, the Vltava and Elbe tour is a two-week endeavour.
In our tour descriptions you will find suggestions for sightseeing, history and other attractions. The tablet contains a list of locks and all mooring options with information and photos, as well as a map. The Directorate of Czech Waterways/Ředitelství vodních cest (ŘVC) has created five new piers in 2023 and is planning further investments in infrastructure.

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