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Club + Charter: A vision has helped me and my customers to realise our dream. During the 2007 season, I started at my own mooring in the middle of Lübeck's old town with my first Linssen Grand Sturdy 29.9 AC, SENTO. A few summers have gone by since then and SENTO has been joined by two big sisters, a Classic Sturdy 35 AC and a Grand Sturdy 380 AC.

The vision of owning yachts and sharing them with others and the manageable size of the business provides a lot of room for my personal commitment. This has made it possible to enjoy several journeys far from our home port in Lübeck, with a change of crew, in foreign countries and ports.


Lübeck is situated south-east of Schleswig-Holstein on the Baltic Sea. Also known as the “Queen of the Hanseatic League” or “Gateway to the North”, Lübeck is part of a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Some 17 km east of the urban area – situated directly on the shore of the Baltic Sea – is Lübeck's “most beautiful daughter”, the coastal resort of Travemünde.

Schleswig Holstein is the most northerly region of Germany and is described as the land between the seas – the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. These two Seas are connected, across the flat and green landscape, by the world's most frequently used artificial waterway, the 100 km long Kiel Canal.

With two coastlines, islands, canals and rivers, the “water land” of Schleswig Holstein is home to the largest national park in Central Europe and borders directly on to the metropolis of Hamburg. From Lübeck, unique round trips along inland and marine cruising areas are possible.

Welcome in Lübeck!
Dagmar and Martin Stratmann