Linssen Boating



Enjoy the most beautiful North German inland and coastal cruising areas! The Mecklenburg Lakes are situated in the heart of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Together with the bodies of water in Berlin and Brandenburg, they constitute the largest and most beautiful inland water sport area in central Europe.

Over 1,000 lakes connected by numerous rivers and canals determine the character of this unique natural landscape. Anyone sailing their yacht, soaking in the almost untouched natural environment, will quickly forget the daily grind and start to unwind. Idyllic towns and villages invite you to while away the time. 

Situated at the heart of Europe and surrounded by three countries, Lake Constance offers not only a wide range of charming countryside but also an abundant cultural scene providing a multitude of options for activities. Experience the unique environment of the Untersee (Lower Lake), look forward to hearing the different dialects, tasting the specialities of the surrounding area and meeting the different crews from each country. Enjoy peaceful days in the shadow of the Alps.

Lübeck offers a unique, varied cruising area, consisting of rivers, canals, lakes and coastal waters. Places such as Travemünde, Timmendorf and Scharbeutz are the classic destinations for holidaymakers longing for beach and sun.
Or you can experience and enjoy the varied cruising area around the triangle formed by Germany, France and Luxembourg. Here you will encounter large bathing lakes, large and small towns and the unmistakable, unique wine region along the Moselle.