Linssen Boating



Having enough time has almost become an unimaginable luxury. On board “your” motor yacht, the clocks will go slower. The only thing that goes fast is getting used to the relaxed pace of life. Would you like to take it easy in Auxerre and sample the best Burgundy or admire the greatness of old Bruges? Would you like to roam through the flea market in Lille or relax in the unspoilt landscape of the Müritz National Park? Do you finally want to get round to seeing Rembrandt’s Night Watch in Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum or have a coffee at Starbucks at the Brandenburg gate? Or you can just spend the evening together on the aft deck, nibbling from your cheeseboard, pouring yourself a great Moselle Riesling and reading a weighty Tom Clancy novel … at last!

In today's society, which is becoming more hectic by the day, more and more young people are convinced that slow is sustainable, slow is quality of life, slow is more time for the kids, slow is enjoying life to the full, slow is stress-free, slow is a win-win situation!

It's no coincidence that the LINSSEN BOATING HOLIDAYS® motto is:

“Slow down… and start Living!” Stop dreaming, book now.