Linssen Boating


You don't need a motor boat cruising licence in all countries yet1! 
Do you have little or no boating experience? Are you not sure if you're confident enough to take the wheel? Many customers before you felt the same but they were pleased to find out how easy it is to sail and manoeuvre a Linssen. This adventure includes simple things like casting off and mooring or navigating through locks. Other skippers and the lock keepers will be only too pleased to help you. You will soon have “your” yacht under control. All yachts are fitted with a bow thruster, which often ensures even smoother handling when used in conjunction with a stern thruster*. Your LBH partner will also be pleased to supplement the already comprehensive handover process with additional sailing lessons*.


1 Exceptions: Germany: Saarbrücken (upstream on the Saar), Brandenburg (south of Liebenwalde), Croatia.


* You can find out about the options and the exact specifications. Visit the website of the LBH partner in the country that you'd like to explore with "your" Linssen, where you'll find all the relevant  information. You'll be only a few clicks away from the best holiday experience you’ve ever had!