Linssen Boating



LBH customers are able to charter from “BBOAT” in Kuurne (Kortrijk) on the Leie or Ypres, from where you can explore the 900 km of Flemish and French/Flemish rivers and canals. The tranquillity of the Flemish Westhoek and the Flemish countryside makes a charming change from the classical grandeur of Kortrijk, Bruges and Ghent. Lille can also be reached by water, as the canal connecting Spierre to the city centre has been made fully navigable again since June 2011. People like to describe the 30 km stretch of completely modernised canal as the “Canal du Midi of the North”. Lille and Tournai form a bustling backdrop to their flea markets and antiques markets.


This is only a small selection of the countless interesting destinations that Flanders has to offer. They also include the Louvre II in Lens (opening in 2012) and numerous cities of culture such as Ghent and Bruges where - close to the city centre - you can visit the “In Flanders Fields” museum dedicated to the First World War (1914-1918) in Ypres and the war memorial in Diksmuide, the Tour of Flanders Centre in Oudenaarde and the 66-metre high boat lift in Strépy-Thieu (UNESCO World Heritage Site). And don't forget to visit the many inviting terrace cafes and restaurants on the old tributary of the Leie near Sint Martens-Latem. And finally, we will also be offering one-way charters to and from Ypres and Kuurne.

We invite you to take a voyage of discovery through the Westhoek!

Véronique Peene & Lieven Vandeputte